Canada Charity Partners

Who are we?

Canada Charity Partners is a CRA-recognized Canadian charity (818335390RR0001) committed to helping Canadians engage their philanthropy globally.

We operate charitable projects in Canada and internationally - in Israel, the United States, and other countries - in order to help Canadians create impact around the world.

We work hard to comply with strict CRA standards with regards to international charitable activities, so that you, as a Canadian donor, can show your support for the causes that you care about.

Our projects

Intergen Studio

New, as of COVID 2021, is our in-house project entitled InterGen Studio (#InterGenStudio). Based on a 2017 pilot our president launched with community partners, Canada Charity Partners is building a mentored web platform where seniors and youth will discover each other and develop authentic relationships through creative lifestory-telling and collaborative online video production, intergenerationally, interculturally, and intersectionally. Partnering with and, our diverse cross-Canada group of mentors have been volunteering to build out the website and promote it ( . We are glad to have had support from CICan Career Launcher (Digital Strategy 4 Youth and IMPACT programs of the Canadian government) , as well as the Canada Summer Jobs program.

A Community Center for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova

This project will support Ukrainian refugees who fled their homes and became war refugees by supplying counseling and child care and promoting health, sanitation, and hygiene solutions. The goal is to offer displaced children a safe place to participate in group activities that promote recreation, resilience-building, and the formation of new social bonds. This project will be based in the Sunflower Center in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, and serve גשןךט over 40 refugee children and their mothers/caregivers during the months of July-December 2022. The project will employ qualified staff members (administrative, kitchen, maintenance staff, and Art and Music teachers).

Educational Missions Project

In this project, we will hold two educational Missions to Israel per year, from 2022-2024. This will be a one-of-a-kind educational program that seeks to provide a behind-the-scenes exploration of Israel’s legendary intelligence agency, The Mossad. The groups will be of 30-70 participants who are community leaders coming from all over the English-speaking world but primarily from the USA, Canada, and the UK. Participants will experience the following activities (briefings from former Mossad agents and IDF intelligence operations officers, riveting tours to the strategic northern and southern fronts and more). To gain new insight into the intelligence and security challenges faced by Israel and its citizens

Animal-Assisted Therapy Project

This project provides its participants with daily one-hour group sessions of canine-assisted therapy. The program serves non-denominational youth between the ages of 12 to 18 who are struggling with mental health issues including eating disorders, and who need a short-term, non-traditional structure for rehabilitation. The mission is to care for the well-being, emotional stability, and self-confidence of young people at risk; to help them acquire skills of self-awareness and self-regulation; to be able to function operatively and socially within family and community, and to help parents acquire skills necessary to contain and support their child. The end goal of the program is to provide a transition for the youth back into their schools and communities.

Support for the Needy

This project will focus on offering relief and preventing poverty among individuals and families with modest needs recommended by social services professionals. The project will begin in January 2018 and end in December 2022 and cover required occupational courses, beds, computers and other electrical appliances, medical treatment and devices, Psychological Therapy, and professional equipment according to the recommendations/assessments of the social workers.

Widow Therapy

This project provides a designated space for widows to meet discreetly with qualified volunteering grief therapists. 20 widows will receive free grief counseling once a week for 6-12 months. Hopefully, completion of the grief therapy will allow the widows to be higher function and feel empowered. This project will be serving women in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, beginning July 1st, 2022 ending on June 30th, 2023. Beneficiaries will complete an intake process (questionnaire ) as well as submit financial documentation proving their need for support, before being approved for this project.

Dental Subsidy Program

This project will provide subsidies for dental work, laboratory testing, and treatment for elderly people living in Israel. A recent report issued by Israel's Coalition for Public Dental Health found that of people over the age of 65, 80% never go to a dentist, citing the high cost of dental care as the primary reason. The goal of this project is to relieve conditions attributable to being aged by providing personal care and improving their dental health, without this support many of these elderly artisans would receive inadequate, if any, oral health care services. There will be 13-15 beneficiaries per year, all elderly residents (average aged 80) of the Jerusalem area, and past immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, South America, and Iran and many of them Holocaust survivors. All live below the poverty line and are facing significant economic and social challenges.

Educational Missions to Israel / Webinars

This Mission/webinar project provides Canadians with important resources, reference data, and skills to better understand the use of Media to manipulate the news, and to highlight the effect of media inaccuracy and bias in the reporting of news regarding Israel. The hope is to engage over 1000 participants and to reinstate the Mission Program of 35-45 participants in 2022. The activity provides accurate first-hand information about oft-distorted issues and the means to combat the misinformation. The webinars will occur throughout the year, with a reassessment as of year-end. The upcoming Mission is scheduled for May 2022, and events and lectures will take place throughout Israel.

Scholarships Project - Jewish Studies

CCP provides scholarships for religious Jewish education in Yeshivas for boys and Midrashot for girls. The scholarships will be granted to Jewish students during the academic years of 2018-2022. The beneficiaries and individual scholarship amounts will be selected and decided by the Yeshivas’ management team according to the set criteria by CCP per each institute..